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Khazanah Nasional is a driving force in shaping selected strategic industries in Malaysia, nurturing their development and doing so with the objective of pursuing the nation's long-term economic interests.

As we move forward, Khazanah is entrusted to explore strategic investment opportunities in new sectors and new markets. We aim to manage our investment portfolio to realise its long-term potential, and at the same time investing in what we believe would be future winners.

Our current investments are distributed among various industries, mainly; finance, telecommunications, utilities, communication services, information technology and transportation. We are also venturing into other promising sectors with the vision to lead and develop strategic industries.

Vision and Mission

Khazanah will be regarded as a leading regional strategic investment house that drives superior corporate performance with high standards of achievement in sectors that are deemed strategic to the nation's economy. We are committed to building a globally competitive Malaysia by developing the right human capital and maintaining the highest professional ethics. We shall develop a high level of integrity and professionalism with the aim of earning the trust of those with and for whom we work.

Our Culture

We look to cultivate a team committed to nation building as its common bond. This culture defines us as individuals who, collectively, enrich the institution by energising it with ideas, expertise and talents that come from a myriad of disciplines.